Please bring the following to your appointment:

a) ID/Driver's license for all parties on the vehicle registration

b) Vehicle title

c) Vehicle registration

d) Vehicle safety check

Yes. You will also need to bring in and sign our authorization to payoff form. This amount will reduce the final purchase price paid to you.

Your offer is good for five days and 200 miles.

You can get paid by check or ACH* in 3-5 business days if you have a clear title in hand. If you have a payoff balance, we'll pay you on the same day that we receive the clear title from your bank.

* For ACH payment the customer must provide either a voided check or a bank statement that shows account number and routing number.

Your offer is based on the final physical appraisal of your vehicle.

Yes. We can pick up your vehicle and sign your paperwork at your home.*

*Your vehicle must be in a safe and legal operating condition, and mechanically sound.

We need the original POA (Power of Attorney) that states that the person representing you can sell your vehicle and sign off on any documents regarding the sale. This document needs to be notarized.

We can mail you your check or we can deposit your check into your local Hawaii bank (including Navy Federal Credit Union).

If your car and service contract were brought from Servco, we can cancel your contract and refund you a prorated amount. If it was bought outside of Servco, you have the option to call your service contract provider and cancel it.

Yes. Any parties that are listed on the title and registration need to be present for the sale of the vehicle and to sign off on the paperwork. If not present, a person representing them will require a POA (Power of Attorney).

We can get you a Uber or Lyft ride on us where ever you need to go on Oahu.

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